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Saved, Healed,
Delivered, Whole

SOZO Counseling Center

We Believe the goal for all believers on this side of eternity is to become like Jesus and to continue the ministry of Jesus and bring our Fathers kingdom here to Earth! Jesus is the perfect example of being fully Sozo’ed! Sozo is the Greek word u...

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Walk in the Light International is committed to transforming Burkina Faso through sustainable community development. To see Burkina Faso break free from physical, mental, social and spiritual poverty; empowering people to follow Jesus and make discip...

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H.A.D. Ministries

HAD Ministries (Hope for Addiction and Dependencies) was established in 1985 and was intended to reach those who are in addiction to restore hope in Jesus Christ. We go into the Kitsap Recovery Center every Sunday to bring the word and to establish r...

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